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The Nascente Engenharia de Águas began in 1989 with the mission to promote quality of life and social wellbeing, and to seek alternative production to minimize damage to the environment and allow for the renewal of its resources.
Located in Laguna, 118 km south of Florianopolis, capital of Santa Catarina, it is primarily engaged in the manufacture of compact stations for water treatment, industrial effluents and sewage.
It performs sanitation projects, manufacturing and marketing of accessories such as screens, filters, flow meters, drying beds, electromagnetic metering pumps, etc.. It has a laboratory for physical-chemical and biological analysis, but also provides full technical consultancy environment.

Market performance

Our company works on developing projects for all sectors, such as laundries, ceramic, sanitation companies, food, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industry, hotels, hospitals, clubs, airports, gas stations, car washes, residential condominiums, etc., providing viable solutions for any type of wastewater treatment and its tributaries. The equipments of the Rising span from small businesses to multinational corporations with low flow as Bimbo (manufacturer of Pullman loaves, and Nutrella Plusvita), Ahlstrom, Petrobras, and Manchester.

The Nascente Engenharia de Águas has executed over 800 projects for water and wastewater treatment and started 2011 with more than (ninety-five billion / liter) of treated liquid which would damage the environment.

The company serves the entire national market. The quality of equipments, all designed with the credibility and brand innovation of Rising Water Engineering, conquers also other countries such as Angola, Portugal, Mexico and Italy.


Enabling the Water and Wastewater treatment, promoting quality of life and social wellbeing.