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Sewage Treatment

Aerobic System and Anaerobic Bioremediation.

The equipment is manufactured in fiberglass resin high strength and durability, including all devices controls, dosages, hydraulic and electric. The treatment is continuous semi automatically controlling the drive equipment, sending effluent treatment, and control of dosages and aeration (dissolved oxygen) and return sludge.

The treatment can be mixed through and biological activated sludge physicochemical stations, reactors, floaters or other processes that are tailored according to customer needs (reuse, disposal or use for specific purposes).

Cylinder can be installed on the platform, a semi or totally buried is constructed of continuous filament CNC equipment which provides high durability, light weight and resistance reactor.


    • Simple Installation
    • Small space for installation, including buried
    • Possibility of further increase in treatment capacity
    • Ability to reuse the effluent generating water savings
    • Dispose within the standards required