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Treatment and Water Reuse

Compact station for treating water from a river, well, reservoir and rain.

The machine automatically performs the processes of chlorination, aeration, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration. The processes eliminate metals, color, odor, organic matter, dissolved solids, microorganisms and other substances that may compromise the quality of treated water, ensuring the potability standards, according to the decree of the national Ministry of Health No 2914 of 12.12.11.

The process for treating compact water aforementioned procedure is performed through the application of physical and chemical products that come automatically into streaming as the water to be treated enters the system.

Our compact stations for water treatment and industrial effluents and health, every day thousands of gallons recover that agrediriam polluted the environment, enabling the reuse of water.

Transforming industrial effluent and sewage into clean water, ready for reuse or disposal, within the standards required by the inspectors of the East Engineering is an allied company of nature.

Water is a precious and irreplaceable element of nature, a natural resource, where the recycled water is of vital importance.

Our commitment is to ensure water quality and especially the quality of life, where through our compact stations, we enable reuse water.


  • Instalação Simples
  • Pequeno espaço para instalação
  • Possibilidade posterior de aumento na capacidade do tratamento
  • Possibilidade de reuso da água gerando economia
  • Preservação ambiental